The F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions Team


Hunter H Rudd

Name: Hunter H Rudd (VP – Co-Lead)

Occupation: MBA Candidate, Fuqua Class of 2017

Why I Joined F.I.V.E. STAR: As a former Green Beret and MBA Candidate at Fuqua, I’ve never lost sight of that fact that I appreciate the opportunity to give back to my community. Our veterans are an incredible group of professionals that help drive our economy and any chance I have to give back is one I look forward to taking.

Name: Matthew Thacker (VP – Co-Lead)

Occupation: MBA Candidate, Fuqua Class of 2017

Why I Joined FIVE STAR: After a decade of service in uniform, I’m excited to have the opportunity to volunteer and give back to our veterans. Having experienced the transition process personally, it is vital that we share knowledge with the next generation of veterans in order to give them every opportunity to have a profound impact on the businesses of tomorrow. I personally believe that that journey starts with organization like F.I.V.E. Star Transitions and am, therefore, proud to be leading the way in this effort.

Tim Sestrich Photo

Name: Tim Sestrich (Web and Social Media)

Occupation: MBA Candidate, Fuqua Class of 2016

Why I joined FIVE STAR: I joined F.I.V.E. STAR so that I could find some way to give back to our veterans that give so much to the country. We are fortunate in business school to have a large career support system, and it is only right that our veterans should receive support themselves as they transition into their careers after serving.


Name: Mary Yarrison (Fundraising and Sponsorships)

Occupation: MBA Candidate, Fuqua Class of 2016

Why I joined FIVE Star: My dad is retired Army—he worked at the Pentagon for most of my childhood—and my fiancé is headed to Naval OCS next early next year. So perhaps needless to say, it’s important to me to help take care of the people that serve this country.


Name: Nick Ruehe (Marketing and PR)

Occupation: MBA Candidate, Fuqua Class of 2016

Why I Joined FIVE STAR: Knowing how much soldiers deserve after all they have done for us, and having served as a resource to my brother during his transition from the military – I not only believe in F.I.V.E. STAR’s mission, but I have seen firsthand how impactful it can be for those who are mentored.


Name: Herman Bulls (Co-Founder)

Occupation: Active duty U.S. Army Infantry Officer/ MBA Candidate, Fuqua Class of 2015

Why I Joined FIVE STAR: I co-founded the Fuqua Initiative for Veteran Employment because I have seen firsthand the difficulties associated with veterans transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce.  Many veterans I have served with sell themselves short of jobs that they are fully qualified for.  I want to help transitioning veterans compete and earn the careers they want to do and not feel as if they are less qualified than others they are competing with for the same position.


Name: Kevin Brilliant (Co-Founder)

Occupation: MBA Candidate, Fuqua Class of 2015

Why I Joined FIVE STAR:  I co-founded F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions to empower military persons who are going through a similar life transition to one that I experienced in my own life.  I’m proud to be a part of an organization that believes a true private-sector / military partnership is necessary to address the cause of veteran employment in this country, and one that sees the importance of involving the next generation of business leaders in the process.

Christina LinkedIn

Name: Christina Aragues (Co-Founder)

Occupation: Project Manager, CitiGroup

Why I joined FIVE STAR: Last year as I was transitioning out of the military after 13 years of service my husband let me know that some fellow students at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University wanted to start a program to help soldiers transition out of the military. I was eager to tell anyone my ideas to help fix the difficult transition. Thanks to all the assistance I received I figured out how and where to market myself .I was extremely successful in transitioning to the civilian workforce and want to ensure other Veterans have the same opportunity.


Name: Dan Nagy (Co-Founder)

Occupation: Associate Dean at Fuqua School of Business (Retired)

Why I joined F.I.V.E. STAR: I wanted to belong to F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions as I shared in the common vision of Herman and Kevin on what could be done in assisting military personnel exiting the service.  It was also a way of giving back to those who have sacrificed so much in defending and preserving the American way of life.

Susanna Tolkin_photo

Name: Susanna Tolkin (VP – Community Relations)

Occupation: Human Resources Manager, General Electric Company

Why I Joined F.I.V.E. STAR: I joined F.I.V.E. STAR so that I could use my professional skills to give back to our Veterans. I’m honored to be able to share my private sector recruiting and staffing perspective, and work with the F.I.V.E. STAR team to provide for a smoother transition from military to civilian jobs.

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