We measure success by how much we help you

Because we know the veteran-assistance space is cluttered and can be overwhelming, and because we know that some organizations aren’t necessarily here for the right reasons — like the ones charging $1,200 for a mediocre résumé! — We’d like to start by introducing ourselves.

Prior attendees have great things to say about F.I.V.E. STAR:

  • “This has been the best program I have attended as part of my transition process to date.” – Col. Michael Koba

  • "I just had the honor of participating with F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions mock interview practice which was phenomenal.  I highly recommend it to anyone involved in the transition process at the moment.  I would rate it as outstanding.  I believe the ‘Five Star’ name is a fully appropriate name!" -- SSgt Roberto Alvarez, Jr.

  • "I would tell people this is a 'Must DO' to help them in their transition to the civilian sector." -- LTC Michael Morgan

  • "F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions helps us to specifically target the ‘transition’ part of the process; building the resume, making it civilianized, and also practicing the interview process, not only face to face but telephonically and through Skype.  All those things are very beneficial, and F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions brings that to us." -- Major Luis G. Perez

F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions was founded, and is led, by Duke Business School classmates.

We all share a passion for serving transitioning veterans. Some of us served in the military prior to business school. Some of us are still considered active duty. Many of us, who make up our civilian volunteer-base, have a mother/father, brother/sister, husband/wife or friend who has served, and have seen first-hand the challenges that he or she faced during the transition process. For all of us, our mission is personal.

We are a completely volunteer-based organization.

F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions – aka the Fuqua Initiative for Veteran Employment — operates in partnership with the Duke Armed Forces Association at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.  Our mission is to improve outcomes for transitioning veterans by sharing best practices taught at BusinessWeek’s #1 Business School in America (Fuqua), and by providing support to veterans who are new to the job search process or are looking to refine and improve upon their existing skills.

Our services are 100% FREE to transitioning veterans.

We get that this sounds too good to be true. One previous attendee even told us: “I spent the entire morning wondering what was in it for you. When I realized you just wanted to help, I was blown away.” So believe it or not, there are no strings attached for participating in our programs and you will never be asked to sign or commitment to anything. You can come to our symposiums free of charge, continue to work with our team of volunteers before and after, or you can move on to other opportunities. The choice is entirely yours.

There are several reasons we can provide these services free of charge:

  • We receive hundreds of volunteer hours from our passionate classmates.
  • We use our network to book panelists who speak at our events Pro Bono.
  • We have tremendous support from Faculty and the Fuqua community at large.
  • We seek out corporate partnerships — with organizations who are equally committed to serving transitioning veterans — to cover ancillary event costs.

We believe the transition process is about more than just job search skills.

We have experienced first-hand, or have come to know through our military classmates, our friends and/or our family members, that the transition process is a time of uncertainty, doubt, and changing identity. Taking off the uniform for the last time — and not having orders, a mission, or a strict schedule to follow – can be a major shock to the system. Our symposiums, our panelist choices, and our volunteer training sessions are all designed to ensure that we see and work with the person underneath the uniform.

Our volunteers are remarkably friendly!

Many previous attendees expressed their apprehension prior to participating in the symposium and mock interview portion. For many transitioning veterans, this will be their first mock interview in any context, let alone with a business person/civilian to provide helpful feedback and coaching. Yet after every event we hear the same thing: “I can’t believe how friendly the volunteers are, and how much more comfortable I felt than I expected!” Our goal is not to make you uncomfortable, our goal is to make you more comfortable with the transition process. That begins with the friendly and approachable demeanor of our volunteers.

Come meet us!

Now that you’ve heard a little about us, it’s your turn to tell us more about you!  Tell us your story by signing up for our January 28th Veterans Transition Symposium! While we’d love to serve everyone, space is limited on a “first-come, first-serve” basis so make sure to register ASAP to guarantee your spot in our upcoming symposium!

We wish you the very best in your transition from the military to the private sector, and we hope to be a part of your journey.

Very Respectfully,

The F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions Team!

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