F.I.V.E. STAR in the News!

Here’s what attendees of previous F.I.V.E. STAR Transitions events had to say about their experience:

“Regarding Mock Interviews: It is hard to put in words how helpful this part of the seminar was. The MBA volunteers that helped me, Ayu and Radiris, were awesome. They were able to convey to me how I can effectively voice my experiences in the military in a way that is relevant and relatable to civilian companies. They were both true professionals and I am very grateful for their help. “

- 1stSgt Jason Hammock, USMC

The description of the hiring process was most helpful to me because, after being in the military for twenty years, I now feel confident now I can handle it. Moreover, the mock interview training was great and the practice helped me understand my strengths, as well as identify areas where I could improve.

- SFC Khalif Nelson, US Army

thomas miller quote

“It was by far the most productive single day I have had during my transition process.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone leaving the service.  Where ever you are in the transition process, you will walk away significantly further along the road to a successful and fulfilling future.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend a FIVE Star Transition event.”

- MAJ Thomas Miller, US Army Special Forces

Bob Witzler quote

“If you do no other thing on your own time during transition, attend the F.I.V.E. Star Transitions Symposium. It was the most valuable eight hours I have spent getting ready to leave the military.”

- CW5 Bob Witzler, US Army

Sherwin Jacobs quote

“This seminar was one of the best presentations I have ever been to. The professionalism and information were greatly helpful and appreciated. I hope to see more from the team that put this together. I think it should be something mandatory for ALL veterans.”

- SSG Sherwin Jacobs, US Army

jimmy r platter sr

“Everyone needs to go….The information is priceless for transitioning VETS.  This is something each installation / post could greatly benefit from and every VET should experience.  Everyone deeply cared about transitioning VETS and no one ever tried to overly convey that point, it just came through.”

- CW5 Jimmy R. Platter Sr., US Army

Daniel-Simon Leonard

“I wanted let you know how impressed I was with your team and your efforts yesterday. I can’t extol enough adverbs and adjectives on you and Five Star to adequately express that. So I will just say, thank you.”

- CPT Daniel-Simon Leonard, US Army

michael morgan quote

“This is the process that ACAP ought to be. If Fuqua was willing, I would do some form of interview rehearsal once per week with them until I landed a job.”

- LTC Michael Morgan, US Army

luis perez quote

“F.I.V.E STAR Transitions helps us to specifically target the ‘transition’ part of the process; building the resume, making it civilianized, and also practicing the interview process, not only face to face but telephonically and through Skype.  All those things are very beneficial, and F.I.V.E STAR Transitions brings that to us. I think for all branches of the military and all ranks of the military, this is a great opportunity for those of us who are transitioning out to take advantage of something that is available.”

- Major Luis Perez, US Army



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